Date: 15.04.2021


Dear Parents,
1. The safety of the children is of utmost importance and it is the responsibility of teachers as well as of parents. Hence the online classes should be under parental supervision.
2. We reiterate our concern regarding digital eye strain of the students due to online classes. Hereby we suggest some measures so that their eyesight is not affected.
Parents can write the worksheet and assignment for their ward. The answers have to be written by the students. 

Children who wear glasses should wear them during the online classes also. 

Teach children to blink more frequently during screen time. It keeps their eyes moist. 

Mobile should be kept at least an arm length away from the eyes. 

Decrease the brightness of the screen and increase the text size to prevent eye strain. 

Ask children to move away from mobile screen during break time of online classes & don’t give them mobile after school hours for any purpose.
GTB – 011 -46575555

Date: 30.12.2020

Dear Parents & Students,
Wish you all a Very Happy New Year. Let us pray and hope that the year 2021 may be a year of peace, joy and love for all of us.
The school will remain closed for Nursery to XII Std. from 31st December, 2020 to 10th January, 2021 on account of Winter Break. The school will re-open on Monday, the 11th January, 2021.
We wish to thank you for the co-operation extended by you during the year 2020 and hope that we can look forward to the same in the year to come.
GTB- 011-46575555


Date: 26.05.2020
Dear parents, 

It has been two months now, since we started online teaching learning program for our children. We hope that your ward has adapted well to the ongoing digital classes in the school. 

This is to express our sincere gratitude for the tremendous support which you have extended to make the online study groups a great success.

The Summer Holidays will commence from Monday, June 1, 2020. We shall resume the online classes from Wednesday, July 1, 2020.
This is a time for the children to relax, rejuvenate and also remain engaged in constructive, creative & fruitful activities. Encourage your ward to read books, do yoga, exercise and meditation, channelize energy, enhance communication skills and help in house-hold chores.
Besides, your ward should also remain connected to academics. For this purpose, the teachers have given Holiday Homework which has to be completed during the vacation.
Monthly Test-1 for I to III Std. & Periodic Test – 1 for IV to VIII Std. will be conducted in all subjects in the month of July, 2020. Marks will also be awarded for online class work, homework, subject enrichment activities, projects, punctuality and regularity. 
Complete study material, holiday home work, syllabus, all assignments and worksheets have been uploaded on the school website.
You are requested to facilitate joyful learning environment so that your ward can complete the work without stress.
GTB – 011 46575555

Date: 18.05.2020

Dear Parents,

We hope that your ward has adapted well to the ongoing digital classes in the school.

Due to Covid lockdown and closure of schools, we started online teaching- learning program for our children in the beginning of the academic session. Ever since then, our school has taken several initiatives to impart lessons through online platform. Teachers have devised various methods and developed creative and innovative teaching learning material such as audios, videos, recorded lessons, assignments and worksheets. The study material has been given to the students and also uploaded on the school website.
You are aware that in the wake of Corona Pandemic, the evaluation work of CBSE Class X and XII board exam was deferred till further notification. However, CBSE has now resumed the evaluation process and many senior teachers of our school have been asked to mark the answer sheets of board exam. Strict guidelines and time period has been given to the evaluators for this purpose.
In the prevailing situation, the online classes for Std. IX – XII will remain suspended from Wednesday, 20th May, 2020 till 21st June 2020.
The online classes for Std. IX – XII will resume from Monday, 22nd June, 2020.
We are grateful to you for playing a vital role in making the school-home learning programme a joyful experience.
Wish you good health and safe times ahead.

GTB School



Date: 05.05.2020 

Dear parents, 

Today, we are facing a completely unprecedented crisis due to the spread of the corona virus and closure of schools. We hope that you are safe with your family at home and coping up well with the challenges of lockdown period.

In order to minimize the academic loss of the students, we started online classes for them in the beginning of the new academic session 2020-21. Teachers are continuously interacting with the students and imparting lessons through online platform. Students are being given study material, audios, videos, recorded lessons, worksheets and assignments. In addition to this, teachers are also giving them lessons in music, divinity, art and regular exercise schedule.

We would like to inform you that this schedule of online classes will continue till 30th May, 2020 after which we shall notify the next academic plan.

At the end we would like to thank you for your sincere appreciation for the online classes and continued support and cooperation.


GTB – 011-46575555 


Dear parents,
In the present emergency scenario, created by Corona virus, we shall connect to the children through Whatsapp GTB Study groups & website and provide them study material with answers. 
As informed earlier circular dated 18.03.2020 – all children from Nursery to VIII Std. have been promoted to the next class.
They will get Report Card on reopening day of the school. 
We have uploaded Study Material on the website and Whatsapp group.
Children have to do the assignments of the new class and keep them in a folder. 
Teachers of all subjects are in Whatsapp GTB Study group and will answer the queries of the children from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Everyday.
GTB – 011-46575555
Message for Children
Date: 02.04.2020
Dear Children,
In view of the COVID – 19 Pandemic there is nationwide lock down in the country and the schools are closed. 
But in such difficult times also, your teachers  at GTB 3rd Centenary Public School are striving hard to provide you a rich learning platform whereby they are sending you assignments, worksheets, and subject enrichment activities. 
Our endeavor is to reach out to each and every child and help you to improve in academics. We love you and care for you.
You must answer the worksheets and assignments sincerely and utilize your time in learning and improving.
Make a very attractive folder and keep all the solved assignments in it. You will be assessed for it when the school reopens. 
Help your parents in household chores and take care of your health.
Dear parents,
Subject: COVID-19: STAY SAFE
LIGHTING OF CANDLE on 05-4-2020 at 9 P.M.: As addressed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister to the Nation on 3rd April 2020, you may light a candle, diya or torch of your mobile for 9 minutes at 9 PM on 5th April, 2020 Sunday at your HOUSES to realize the power of light and to highlight the objective for which the whole nation is fighting together. Please note that no one should assemble in colonies or road or anywhere outside your houses.
GTB – 011-46575555
Date : 15.04.2020 
Message for Parents, 
Dear Parents, 
1. Some of you have expressed concern regarding poor internet connectivity and inadequacy of resources available at home. 
2. We understand your difficulty and assure you that our teachers are striving hard to deliver quality education and we do not want to put any stress on you and children. 
3.The online tasks and projects are given to keep the the children gainfully occupied at home. They will not be assessed for these projects. 
4. All the worksheets and assignments are available on the website and answers have been provided by the teachers. 
5. Online classes can't replace the classroom teaching but we are doing our best and looking forward to see the smiling faces of our loving children when the school re-opens. 
GTB- 46575555
Date: 23.04.2020
Message for parents,
Dear Parents,
1. The safety of the children is of most importance and it is the responsibility of teacher as well as of parents. Hence the online class should be under parental supervision.
2. We reiterate are concern regarding digital eye strain of the student due to online classes.
3. Here by we suggest some measures so that their eyes sight is not effected.
Parents can write the worksheet and assignment for their ward. The answers have to written by the student. 
Kid who wear glasses should wear them during the online class. 
Teach kids to blink more frequently during screen time keep their eyes moist. 
Digital devise should be at least an arm length away from the eyes. 
Decrease the brightness of the screen and increase the text size to prevent eye strain. 
GTB – 011 -46575555


Guru Tegh Bahadur 3rd Centenary Public School

C- Block, Mansarover Garden, New Delhi-110015


(Session 2020-21)

 Dear Parents,

 You are aware that in the wake of corona outbreak, the schools have been closed. We request you to Stay Home - Stay Safe and we pray to God for your safety and wellbeing.

To ensure that the academic schedule continues despite the closure of schools, our school is starting online classes for XI Std. from 04.05.2020

                                                    Time : 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Your ward has been allotted the stream on the basis of the result of the pre board examination held in the school. The allotment of stream for class XI (session 2020-21) has been uploaded on the school website.

If you have any query you can contact the following teachers :

·         Science Stream (Medical & Non-Medical) – Mrs. Manpreet Kaur (98119 35236)

·         Commerce with Maths – Mrs. Manpreet Chadha (98990 99098)

·         Commerce without Maths – Mrs. Shilpi Ahuja (84471 51752)

·         Humanities – Mrs. Neena Ahluwalia (98104 55696)


 GTB -011-46575555


XI A - Science 

XI B - Commerce with Maths

XI C - Commerce without Maths

XI D - Humanities



Online classes for X & XII Std.

 Date: 30.03.2020

 Dear Parents,

 In the wake of lockdown due to coronavirus, we have decided to reach out to students through WhatsApp study groups and website.

 1.  Lectures /classes for Std. X and XII will be held through audio and video sessions.

 2.  WhatsApp groups have been created for all the sections, subject -wise.

 3.  Timetable has been framed to function in a planned and organized manner.

 4.  Lessons will be taught and students’ queries will be taken up as per given schedule.

 5.  Please ensure that your wards study all the subjects regularly and sincerely and follow specific instructions given by subject teachers

 6.  Above all, they must Stay Home and Stay Safe.



 GTB- 011-46575555


Circular Date: 29.03.2020




Annual Result 2019-20 (Pre Nursery to Class VIII)




Dear Parents,

As per the advisory from Delhi Government, the school is closed for Nursery to V Std. from 6th March, till 31st March 2020.

Due to this, the exams scheduled after 5th March, 2020, have been cancelled.

Children will be promoted to the next class on the basis of their cumulative performance throughout the year.


GTB/011- 46575555

 Dear Parents,

As per the advisory from Delhi Government, the school shall remain closed for classes Nursery to Vth w.e.f. tomorrow i.e.  March 6, 2020 till 31st March, 2020.

Dates for the examination shall be rescheduled and the information will be given accordingly.




 Preventive measures for Novel Coronavirus Disease

Novel Coronavirus is reported from China & 24 other countries and there are a few positive travel related cases in India also. Though much is not known about the disease dynamics, it is evident that there is human to human transmission. As of now, there is no drug or vaccine available to manage this disease. Hence preventive measures become crucial to stop spread of this disease.

Preventive Measures

Frequent hand wash, respiratory etiquettes (using handkerchief over mouth while  coughing/sneezing, use of tissue paper or using the sleeve of shirt covering upper arm, staying away from school when sick, avoiding public gathering etc.)

 DO’s and DON’T’s


  • Cover your nose and mouth with disposable tissue or handkerchief while coughing or  sneezing
  •  Frequently wash your haunts with soap and water
  •  Person suffering from Influenza like illness must be con fined at home
  • Stay more than one arm's length distance front persons sick with flu
  • Take adequate sleep and rest
  • Drink plenty of water/liquids and eat nutritious food
  • Person suspected with Influenza like illness must consult doctor


  • Touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Hugging, kissing and shaking hands while greeting
  • Spitting in public places
    Taking medicines without consulting doctor         
  • Excessive physical exercise
  •  Disposal of used napkin or tissue paper in open areas       
  • Touching surfaces usually used by public (Railing, door gates, etc)
  • Smoking in public places
  • Unnecessary testing


 Registration Form for admission – Nursery & Prep

 State funded scholarship schemes for SC/ST/OBC/Minorities